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The Gift Of A Lifetime

Your life is unique. This makes for the best book: let us hear about you, your loved ones, or your company. Our world-class authors write your biography. 


Mark a milestone, make memories, or show gratitude: we create your memoir in 3 simple steps. The best present is to record the past and preserve it for the future. 

Living Legacy turns your tale into a beautifully bound book, published in countless copies

Book your free consultation here and let us listen to your personal project: 

Living Legacy: It Takes Every Kind of People



'Living Legacy' is created by Ellen Alpsten, the bestselling historical fiction author. What drives Ellen is her love for real stories and real people. Her work is translated into twenty-five languages and sold hundreds of thousands of times. Ellen's team are experts in telling a treasured tale.


Your story is unique.  That's why you deserve a gift of a lifetime: your own memoir and biography. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Clear your calendar: Your writer interviews you for 40 hours during one month.

  2. They make magic: Your writer turns your story into a 45,000 word full-length book. ​

  3. Polished to perfection: An editor gives your book  a professional finish.

Look forward to your beautiful hardback book, imagery included, in a specified number of copies. Let us hear about your personal project: 



'Living Legacy is a milestone of its own. My mother and I are both only children: this book is the best present for the family. We cried when we received the finished copies. It was an incredible moment.'

Katharina, 55, Bern, Switzerland

'It's terrible to think that my father's voice should  go silent. His story is our story. It must not be forgotten. He offers 'his book' to all his friends, and the family. It's truly the gift of a lifetime. Magnifique!'

Marcel, 61, St. Remy de Provence

'Our CEO loved the process of 'Living Legacy' - so professional, yet personal, and precious. Each existing employee and each new starter receives 'his' book as a gift.'

Marcus, 35, HR Executive, Manchester


Make Memories


'Living Legacy' creates your  biography. Our international bestselling authors write your memoir and you receive a beautifully bound book, that can be published in countless copies. Let our world-class writers listen to you. Help your loved ones treasure your tale forever. 

Get in touch about your personal project.

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