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Dear Diary...

What would you save in the event of a house-fire, apart from your family and your pets?

Or: lets' start like this. How are you today, and how is your week going so far? Do you remember what you did on Monday? No. Sorry. The world is moving too fast. That's how we feel, sometimes. And we talk about a couple of days, or a week. How about tryring to remember a lifetime? No wonder that moments muddle.

Journaling is one of the most rewarding execersises, always has been, always will be. In our fast-moving life and rapidly developing technologies, this is truer than ever. Generations of school children have sighed when forced to read Pepys rendition of the Great Fire of London. But where would we be, what would we know, without his diary?

Journaling is a gift.

The world's second best-selling historical fiction novel is also written in form of a diary. In the incomparable 'Desiree' by Annemarie Selinko the daughter of a Marseille cloth seller encounters a young, down-at-heels Corsican Imigrant and takes him under her wing, until he travels to Paris and gets swept up by his fate. Guess who it is? But their destinies are intertwined, leading them both to thrones.

Journaling is personal story-telling in its purest form. What happens to your heart ache of yesterday? How did that job interview turn out? Did you enjoy every day of the journey you saved up for, and took so long deciding upon? Which house did you settle on in the end, after dozens of visits? A diary is the best base of a biography. For your personal project with 'Living Legacy' you will be given a timeline form to fill out, and a questionnaire to answer. This helps more you, than your writer. You want this to be best book it can be, and we endeavour for you to have the best experience along the way.

As a student in Paris, I had no TV in my tiny studio. But I wrote my diary, every evening, sometimes filling a dozen pages with events and emotions. Guess what I'd save in the event of a house fire? These diaries, just as the the Living Legacy biographies, are magnificent memories, and the gift of a lifetime. None of it will ever come back. But thay are the past recorded, and the best present for the future.

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