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It takes every kind of people...

FAQ - you ask, we answer.

  • Where can I learn more about 'Living Legacy'? Get in touch for your free consultation and let us listen to you. We answer any question you might have. 

  • Where are you situated? The company HQ is in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. But we come to you - our 40 hours of interviews are ideally done via zoom, but we will also endeavour to make them happen in person, if you wish. 

  • How long does it take until somebody gets back to me? Your tale is special to us: we try to answer any query within one or two business days. Everything starts with your free consultation and your personal project. 

  • I am not sure my story is good enough. How can that be? We are sure it is brilliant - no life is like the other and our world-class authors specialise in finding your unique narrative. 

  • How much control do I have over the making of my book? This is your story. You have complete control over the process: the cover, the interviews in the comfort of your home, the content. You also might have already written something, which can be included. If you wish to involve other people in the interview process this might be subject to an extra charge. Your first proof is open to one revision. 

  • What if I do not get along with my writer? Our authors are world-class writers. Next to successfully publishing their own novels, they also work as journalists. This is what makes 'Living Legacy' so special - they know how to ask and to listen. We match your story with the best writer. But if a problem arises, we do our utmost to offer a solution.  

  • How long does it take? 'Living Legacy' plans for a publishing process of six months. Our writer interview you for about a month, or 40 hours. Then, they do what they do best: write. Finally, an experienced editor polishes your book to perfection. After you receive the first proof, one round of correction is included. 

  • Can I take a break once I have started? Yes, but our writers are very busy people and booked up long in advance. If you want to pause 'Living Legacy' for longer than 30 months, it will incur a pause payment. 

  • What if my story is too big for one book?   This sounds fabulous. Who doesn't love a series? Get in touch and let us talk about your specific needs. Book your free consultation today. 

  • I'd like a book about something else than me, my parents, my family or my company. Can you do that? Get in touch and we talk about your bespoke project. It sounds exciting and we cannot wait to hear more. 

  • How many copies are included, and how will I receive them? The first 25 hardbacks are included and their shipping is free of charge. Any extra copies are subject to an extra charge. 

  • What about pricing? Are all payments protected? 'Living Legacy' is an exclusive offering and we offer tailor-made solutions for your needs. Get in touch: deposits start at 30% of the agreed price. All payments are protected and you can pay on our site via PayPal, with your credit/debit card or via bank-transfer to Sunbird Stories Ltd. 

  • I'd like to surprise someone special with 'their' book. Can I do this? What a great idea! We can create a beautiful voucher and send them the exclusive Welcome Box. Afterwards, we match them, and everybody else who needs interviewing, with their world-class writer. 

  • What if I want to cancel? That's a shame. But if you change your mind, you have 7 days to get a full refund. 

  • Will we sign a contract? Yes. We are creating valuable IP. Your tale is a treasure and your book something special. We will sign a custom agreement, reflecting all particularities of your project and covering our backs for all eventualities. 

  • Do I own the copyright of my book? Can I go and self-publish it? We share your book's copyright . If you wish to own it outright, your writer will sign it over to you, free of charge. Once you hold the sole copyright, you may print or sell copies of your physical book as you wish.

  • Is there an ISBN? Unfortunately, we do not provide an ISBN, as its ownership is not transferable.  If you wish to sell your book, we offer you a self-publishing package, which assigns an ISBN. You can also purchase your own ISBN - we are here to help you with this as part of your personalised package. 

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