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About Living Legacy

Living Legacy by Sunbird Stories: The Gift of a Lifetime


LIVING LEGACY: We write the biography of the world's most important people. 

Sunbird Stories offers you something unique:  an own biography is the gift of a lifetime. Our world-class writers turn your story - or the story of your loved ones or your company - into a beautifully bound book, which can be published in countless copies. We are passionate about people and love life' stories: fate is stranger than fiction and astounds more than art. Living Legacy is as easy as 1-2-3. We match you with your world-class writer, who knows the art of a good question. Our authors aim to interview you for 40 hours, either in person, or via zoom. Ideally, we achieve this within a month. Now they make magic and write your book. During the final month an excellent editor gives the draft a proper, professional polish. It's a big moment when you hold the first proof in your hands. You will love it and feel so proud! If not, you can ask for one revision. Sunbird Stories offers 'Living Legacy' in any language, and the production and shipping of the first 25 hardbacks is included. Get in touch to discuss your personal project. We love to hear your story! 

  • GrandfatherGranddaughterGarden
  • WealthyMotherDaughter
  • VictroianFamily
  • GrandPaDaughterarminarm
  • sbt-1990-49-claeissens-family-saying-grace-c15.width-770
  • GrandfatherGranddaughterHugging
  • LadyOrangeChanel
  • ProudWhiteHairedLady
  • LadyAperolSpritz
  • ManWithTools
  • ManHearingAidSemiProfile
  • HotOldLeatherMama
  • LadyInBlueOnBoat
  • FullFrontalWhiteBeardIndianMexican
  • IPadBusinessMan
  • CoolGrandPaSmoking
  • BlackManReadingRedBusinessFile
  • MultiGenMultiRacialFamily
  • CoolScandiWhiteHairedMan
  • CoupleCoffeeCups
  • WealthyMotherDaughter
  • StylishGrandmaReadingToKIds
  • GrandparentsGrandchildren
  • CoupleEmbracing

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